Do I need an appointment to bring things in?

No, you don't need an appointment to bring clothing in to consign, but we do ask you to call ahead at 801.833.2272 to make sure that we're not too swamped.  Also, we try to not take things after 7:00 PM just so we have time to finish before we close at 9:00.  

How/when do I pick up the money from the things I sold?

After your items sell, half of the value goes into your account.  After that, you can come spend it as store credit or pick it up as cash.  If the amount is too large, we may need to write you a check.  We can also PayPal your items to you, but we do need to have you verify your PayPal email address in person.  

How do you decide what to price consigned items for?  

Resale is typically about a third of what something was new.  So we'll look at the brand and mark things up or down from there based on the condition or popularity of the item.  We do give extra badass points to things that are super awesome.  

What happens to the things that don't sell?

At the end of the sales cycle, items get donated to organizations like The Otherside Academy or back to the community.   

Do you take all seasons?

We will make some exceptions, but we try to stick with the seasons.  We'd hate to not be able to sell your nice shorts for you during the winter or that nice coat during the summer.