Welcome to the iconoCLAD family!  iconoCLAD sells your items on consignment. and you keep 50% cash!  

Consignment?  What's that?  

We sell your previously rocked stuff and you keep 50% of what it sells for.  You can pick it up as cash, spend it as store credit, or have us PayPal it to you.  How does consignment work?  You still own your stuff until it sells and we sell on your behalf.  That's why you get more for your previously rocked stuff at iconoCLAD than other stores that pay upfront.  A jacket you bring in sells for $20.  You get $10, we get $10.  Similar stores might just give you a few bucks and sell it for the same $20 after you leave.  But we want iconoCLAD to be all about you, the consignor.  You can even see all of your items online, what they're priced at, what's sold, and what we owe you.  Pretty cool, huh?  

What are we looking for?   

Bring us your previously rocked men's & women's clothing, shoes, and jewelry!

We're not total brand snobs at iconoCLAD and we love the fun, funky stuff.  However, we still do have a lot of nice brands like Free People, Lululemon, and Jeffrey Campbell.  You'll bring in your previously rocked items, create an account, and we can select what will work for sale in the store.  You can either take the items we didn't take back with you, or you can have us donate to Volunteers of America, The Otherside Academy, The Road Home, and many other local charitable causes we work with.